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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

With the majority of their primetime schedule being dominated by the Winter Olympics, NBC has been forced to condense their regular late-night programming block to a bite-size, 5-minute sprint. Last night, viewers were treated to the first Tonight Show Fallon Five, in which host Jimmy Fallon valiantly attempts to squeeze all the usual antics fans have come to aspect into his newly allotted time.

“Please stop clapping, we only have five minutes,” Fallon says before launching into an abbreviated monologue that still manages to take up three fifths of the entire show. After poking fun at Fergie’s rendition of the National Anthem and getting in a few quick gags about the Olympics, Fallon proceeds to his desk, where he invites Paul Rudd out for a 60-second interview. Over the course of the next minute, the duo manages to find time to promote Rudd’s new Netflix movie, briefly discuss their favorite winter sports, and sing an accelerated cover of “Shout.”


Now that Fallon’s proven he can deliver the same product in a much smaller package, NBC may just decide to continue with a five-minute Tonight Show even after the Olympics wrap. Though maybe it was Paul Rudd’s game-ness that made the whole thing work so seamlessly. Actually, why don’t we just give Paul Rudd a talk show? That seems like a good solution.

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