Renfield | Official Trailer

These disappointments are mitigated by a preposterous amount of blood and guts. Sure, it’s cheap CG that looks absolutely phony, but there are moments as giddy as the final act of Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive. There’s also many more ska jokes than you ever could have predicted. Fans of The Specials will be particularly entertained.


Though Nicholas Hoult is charming as he struggles to find inner strength, Renfield lives or dies by Nic Cage camping it up. And he delivers. (This is not the first time he’s gone vampire batty, of course, if you remember 1988’s Vampire’s Kiss.) Cage in celadon-colored makeup craving the blood of cheerleaders “not for sexual reasons” is a cheap laugh, but a good laugh. The Academy Award-winning actor is well aware of what he’s bringing to the table these days, and sometimes a band should get out there and play the hits. If this movie is successful, and there’s no reason to think it won’t be, it might inspire a sequel or two. There are far worse curses.

Renfield opens in theaters Friday, April 14, 2022