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Justice League (Photo: Warner Bros.)

Justice League was a fine movie, but its relatively mediocre take at the box office most likely wasn’t what Warner Bros. was hoping for when it began to develop its DC cinematic universe. Now, in a move that diehard fans will probably find a way to blame on some ridiculous conspiracy, Warner Bros. is reportedly planning to “shake-up” and restructure its DC superhero movies. That’s according to a Variety story, which says that Jon Berg, the co-president of production at Warner Bros. (and the head of DC movie division), will be stepping down and moving to a “production partner” position alongside producer Roy Lee.

DC Entertainment chief creative officer Geoff Johns will stay in his current position, but he may take on a more “advisory” role on the movies, as opposed to the hands-on work he did with Berg guiding the “creative direction” of the films up through Justice League. Warner Bros. hasn’t named a replacement for Berg yet, but as part of this restructuring it’s reportedly considering bringing the DC movie operations under its main movie division rather than having it operate as its own thing.


The Marvel movies currently work separately from other Disney projects, but Fox and Sony both produce their superhero stuff alongside their non-superhero stuff. That makes it sound like Warner Bros. might be planning to put less pressure on the DC movies, letting them do their own thing instead of pushing them to replicate Marvel’s success.

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