M3GAN - official trailer 2

Naturally, what exactly M3GAN is (doll? human? dancer?) starts to draw a rift between the orphaned Cady and her aunt Gemma. “You don’t get to say that!” Cady angrily responds when Gemma gently points out the AI is “not a person.” The only person who likes this qualification less than Cady is M3GAN—she makes sure to let Gemma know this by threatening her in their dimly-lit living room while dramatically tickling the ivories of a never-before-seen piano. This is just what cinema is supposed to be, I’m afraid!


If there’s one thing this new M3GAN trailer knows, it’s that if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. After M3GAN’s unhinged hallway dance break helped boost the first trailer’s virality back in October, the new teaser includes an expanded version of the scene (with a brand new backbeat for our heroine to menacingly move it to).

M3GAN lands in theaters on an appropriately chaotic date of January 6, 2023. No matter who your best friend is at the moment, it might be high time to let them know a blonde, dead-eyed replacement is only a month away.